How To Choose The Best Camping Toilets For Your Camping Trip?


There are certain things in camping, which if are not present can cause a lot of inconvenience to the people. A camping toilet is one such thing that is very important to have on the camping trip, otherwise, people will ramble from one place to another for the right place to drop the load. Most camping authorities provide campers with the toilet facilities, yet it is important for campers to determine the condition of the toilets.

It is a well-known fact that the camping toilets are not well-maintained in most of the camping sites. So, checking the condition of the camping toilet is very important. I would also like to mention that the type of hygiene that you get at home will certainly won’t be available at the camping site.  So, instead of using camping toilets, you can use portable toilets. You don’t have to use that filthy toilet seat that contains all sorts of bacteria.

The portable camping toilets are not that expensive, and whatever money you spend on them will be consumed when you use them on multiple occasions during the camping trip. There are many benefits of using a portable camping toilet. If you want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, then you will think before going to the toilet facility provided by the camp authorities.

But, when you have a portable toilet, then it will be easier for you to use the bathroom without worrying about the darkness and the intrusion of any wild animal. Many people take camping toilets very seriously like sleeping bags. People when selecting a sleeping bag take a look at the sleeping bag reviews by visit Camping Capital. So, they can do the same at the time of buying a camping toilet.

When it comes to the types of camping toilets, there are two types that are currently available in the market. These are; simple and complex.

  1. Simple Camping Toilets: These toilets are made from a light metal frame and come with a seat, which has a hole in the middle. The toilet seats are just like the foldable chairs, but there is just that hole that differentiates the two items. You need to carry a few bags where you will capture the feces. This is the only aspect, which most people don’t like because the plastic bags that are used for carrying the feces don’t seem nature-friendly. The only point that goes in their favor is the price of these camping toilets, which is quite less when compared to the complex toilets.
  2. Complex Camping Toilets: If you are able to carry a bulky and complex toilet, then you can have these ones. These toilets come with a large storing tank where the feces would be placed. Some toilets have a water tank, which can be used to flush the feces. The size and the weight of these toilets don’t make them portable at all. Though, people can carry them, but then, they have to be sure about their vehicles, whether they are capable of accommodating them or not.

If you want to use these toilets, then you have to get a different kind of a liquid or special powder agents in order to neutralize the feces. The challenge is not only to neutralize the feces, but the smell as well. The liquids and the powder agents are eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about the odor. The biggest point that goes in the favor of complex camping toilets is the fact that they can hold a gigantic amount of waste when compared to the simple camping toilets. You don’t need to empty the tank frequently, thus you can save yourself from seeing the disgusting feces multiple times a day.

Now, you have got two options to choose from, so you should get one of the aforementioned toilets instead of using the camping toilets. They are far more superior and more affordable than any other method. There is a wide range of brands available in the market, so you can go online and check out the best portable camping toilets for your camping trip. Both are good, and it only depends on your requirements and convenience.

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