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Several excellent resorts, such as La Quinta and Pebble Beach, will teach new golfers how to play. Golf courses are described and the use of different kinds of golf clubs are discussed. One woman talks about her experiences in golf school.

Golf involves the simplest of elements – grass, ball, club, hole. Yet in recent years, as the sport’s popularity has taken off like a Tiger Woods tee shot, players find themselves facing an increasingly complex array of options: everything from beryllium/nickel-alloy wedges and short-game gurus to customized Scottish vacations with helicopter hops between courses.

The good news is that, with a little guidance, today’s golfer has a better chance of improving and enjoying his game than ever before. Thus, we present our first-ever golf guide. We’ve found golf schools where professionals will videotape your every move and lavish you with individual instruction, and where you will not only perfect your putting stroke but unwind with a seaweed wrap, a first-class meal and a slumber between lavender-scented sheets as well. We’ve singled out the country’s top ten instructors, people who’ve had years of success with a who’s who of top Tour players, who will work with you to improve your stroke. And we’ve mapped out golf vacations that will take you to the right courses in Monterey or to a staffed mansion near the Old Course at St. Andrews.

There’s also a primer on deciphering new club technology, a list of excellent instructional books and some insider’s tips on how to get onto the country’s best private courses. All this should come in handy, considering that five million new players have hit the fairways – and stayed there – in the last ten years, and that golf as an industry has doubled in size since 1984, now bringing in $15 billion a year, according to the National Golf Foundation. The NGF reports that 429 new courses were built or expanded in the U.S. in 1997, up from only 145 built a decade ago and that waiting lists for junior programs are now hundreds of names long. Even development-phobic Nantucket Island recently permitted construction of a new course, and heavy demand has forced Long Island’s exclusive Piping Rock Club to require members to reserve tee times, changing an age-old policy. All this is a long way from the days of sleepy pro shops and empty courses. But the changes are not to be bemoaned much less resented. Our guide is intended to reveal how golf, in expanding, has become more diverse; how it leads to greater enjoyment and richer possibilities. Now, all you have to do is figure out how to make the game itself easier.

Please read our guidelines below :

  1. Top Places to Stay While Learning to Play
  2. What I Learned At Golf School
  3. Deans of The Greens

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