Crossbow delivers first open platform for wireless sensor networks

Crossbow Technology, a pioneer in the wireless sensor network market and leader in deployed wireless sensor networks, recently introduced MoteWorks, a complete mesh network software platform which makes it easier and faster for OEMs to develop ZigBee devices and ZigBee sensor networks.

As a first of a kind, MoteWorks provides a complete software platform for sensor nodes, sensor network to IP network gateways, and sensor network management.

Based on the widely deployed open-source operating system TinyOS, standard ZigBee protocol support, open APIs for advanced mesh networking and gateways, as well as a complete set of development tools, MoteWorks is the most flexible offering in the industry for integrating wireless mesh networking into OEN designs. Previous offerings provided only cumbersome ways to integrate custom sensor hardware and delivered hardwired network stack support, resulting in monolithic, single-function, and proprietary hardware/ software designs that lacked the flexibility for OEMs required to provide unique differentiation. Analogous to cell phone platforms which evolved from purely sending and receiving voice to multi-function, feature-rich platforms, MoteWorks opens up the sensor node capabilities as a reprogrammable application platform. Rather than just sending and receiving messages through the mesh network and controlling a limited set of pre-defined parameters like update frequency, device manufacturers can deliver higher value networks by building intelligence directly into the network on top of the reliable mesh networking platform.

The gateway software provided with the MoteWorks platform makes the wireless sensor network seamlessly integrate with IP based enterprise networks, thus delivering end-users with the true value of combining information from the physical world with their existing digital information systems and networks.

To accelerate OEM hardware designs, MoteWorks supports a complete OEM hardware development kit with pre-programmed sensor nodes, hardware reference designs and OEM radio/processor modules. The preprogrammed sensor nodes provide for out-of-the-box setup of a wireless sensor network and immediate software application development. The reference design and OEM radio/processor modules shorten hardware design for wireless enabled sensor or gateway application. For their final device, OEMs then can decide to either build their custom radio/processor hardware or use Crossbow’s OEM Edition surface mount chipsets.

To enable developers using MoteWorks quickly and effectively, in-depth technical training is available, providing hands-on labs, application design guidelines as well as discussing core technologies such as RF design considerations.

In summary, MoteWorks is a unique offering that allows OEMs to participate in the ZigBee wireless sensor network opportunity and focus on their unique differentiation by hiding the complexities of wireless mesh networking from the developers and providing an open development platform.

For more information, please contact Crossbow Technology at [email protected] or 1-800-926-9832.

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